I just signed up for my professional website... now what?

Our team immediately begins designing your first draft for your new website! A temporary link to your new website will be sent
directly to your email you used to sign up.

Your first draft for your custom website will be ready & emailed to you in between 24-48 hours. Don’t forget to check your email!


What's the next step?

Once you’ve received your first draft of your website delivered via email, take your time reviewing it. After you review your site, send us any  feedback and content you’d like to add. – We’ll turn your draft into a fully customized website based on your feedback.

We deliver your personalized & professional website within typically within 1-3 weeks (it can take less time or more time based on your response rate and the amount of changes required to get your website ready for launch).

Your professional & customized website can be ready to launch in days.

Design experts at your fingertips

Our team is here to help! The Premium plan is our recommended plan for any business because not only do we build your website, we also provide on-going changes. 

Want to add or remove something on your website? – No problem! Just let your designers know what you’d like to change and we’ll get it done – no matter how small.

This is completely based on your monthly plan; You are only billed once a month and can cancel your plan at any time!

Once you choose a plan, and you’ve opted to have us add a custom domain to your website, our designers will provide you with available domain names based on your business name. Choose the one you like most and we’ll set it up free of charge for the first year! (The domain will renew annually for $20/year)

If you’d like to change the custom domain name after it has already been setup, this will be an additional fee.

If you already own a domain name you’d like to use, no problem! We’ll help you get it setup for your new, professional website.


What happens after launch?

After your website has launched and is live, we don’t just stop there! 

All of our plans include routine maintenance, 24/7 website security and additional support.

With the Premium Plan – If you signed up for the Premium Plan you also receive on-going website changes and your designers take care of your website and all of its needs, so you can focus on your business.

With the SEO Pro Plan – If you signed up for the SEO Pro Plan not only do you get everything the Premium Plan includes, you also receive a monthly written blog to help boost organic traffic and help you rank better on search engines.


We don't just stop here

Absolutely not, updating your content, and making changes to your website are apart of your plan to help grow your business – no matter how small the changes may be! 

*Adding additional pages & large page sections or third-party add-ons are considered an ala carte item.

Website maintenance is not an added fee, this is included in your plan!

All you have to do is let your designers know what you’d like to add or remove and email them any assets they may need (photos, text, etc.) so they can add it for you!

You can also log into your website and make any desired changes on your own.

All you have to do is request a change, and your team will take care of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we listen & evolve. Here are a few common questions asked by users.
If you can't find what you're looking for, please email us directly:

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Website-Warrior has a team of on-demand professional & talented website designers. We design your website, host it, update it, protect it, maintain it and care for it.

With Wix, Squarespace & Godaddy, you have to pay for premium access and then you have to dedicate hours of valuable time creating your website. With lack of design experience and limited time to learn while running a business, the end results are typically unprofessional websites that misrepresent your services and damage your reputation. 

  1. Fill out a questionnaire to provide us with the necessary info we need to accurately design your website.
  2. After you choose a plan we design your first website as quickly as possible. We create a custom draft based on your information and our research.
  3. Provide us with any feedback and changes you’d like to incorporate on your website. We’ll update your website based on your feedback. Once your website is approved it is read for launch – typically between 1-2 weeks.
  4. After launching there’s routine maintenance. Hosting, 24/7 security, backups, software updates, and our easy-to-use site editor (which lets you make changes easily to your site) are all included in your low monthly subscription.


Our priority is being budget-friendly.

We offer professional websites & web services at DIY prices. We have several different pricing packages, see which one best suits your business!

View All Plans Here

Simply fill out our questionnaire, select your desired plan and we get started on your website right away!

We design your website & provide you with on-going changes.. no matter how small the change, you let your designer know and we’ll get it done!

We do provide you with the log-in information if you want to make any changes yourself too.

We send a temporary link directly to your email! If you can’t find the temporary link, please check your spam folders.

Website-Warrior prides ourselves on transparency and being upfront with our pricing.

**Certain features such as third-party add-ons may be subject to additional fees based on their pricing for their software and the time required to install & configure it.

You must cancel your subscription before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s fees to your credit card.

As long as you cancel your subscription before your renewal date, you will not be charged. Otherwise, you will retain access to the premium features through the end of your paid period.

To cancel simply email support@website-warrior.com and request to end your website subscription before the renewal date. Please do this 7 days before your renewal date.

You can also log into your account and cancel your plan if you wish to do so.

You must upgrade, downgrade, or pause your subscription before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s fees to your credit card.

As long as upgrade, downgrade or pause your plan before your renewal date, you will not be charged at the current plan payment you currently have. 

This can be done in your account or by emailing us at support@website-warrior.com


If you have something you’d like to add, remove, update, or simply change, all you have to do is send us an email at support@website-warrior.com regarding the details of the changes and any assets you’d like us to add. Our designers will take care of the rest!

(These changes no matter how small, are included in your website plan. You will not be charged for additional changes or content updating!)

We do our absolute best to get your website changes, & updates completed as soon as we receive them! We work on business days during standard business hours. Our team is located throughout the country so you need to consider the time difference. 

This depends entirely on the size of the changes you request. We typically take 1-24 hours to make changes based on the amount of work required. 

You will have your account manager who stays in touch with you and makes sure that a qualified team member gets the job done. -Every web designer has their specialty and that’s why it’s smarter to delegate the task to the best-suited person.

If you sign up for the SEO Pro plan you do receive a designated designer fit to your needs and works with you directly – every time.

SEO Pro Plan


You can reach out via chat, email or schedule a phone call depending on your plan!

A standard website with five pages should be done within two weeks. Every website is different so it is impossible to guarantee any specific turnaround time.

Website-Warrior offers a level of personalization and personal touch that only we can offer and our strongly vetted designers can execute your vision. This way, you can get access to top designers, whenever you may need it.

Fiverr is an a la carte platform with a competitive market place filled with hundreds of freelancers. 

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